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How many people have reached the everest summit

How many people have reached the everest summit,How many people have reached the everest summit,How many people have reached the everest summit,How many people have reached the everest summit,How many people have reached the everest summit,How many people have reached the everest summit,How many people have reached the everest summit ? Edmund Hillary, New Zealand climbers and their guides origin Sherpas in Nepal, Tenzing Norgay, became the first man to reach Mount Everest at 8,848 meters on May 29, 1953. This news spread all over the world on 2 June in the same year, exactly by the time of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II as Queen of England.

United Nations (New Zealand the British Commonwealth) is celebrating the success of Hillary and Norgay, take it as a good sign of leadership of their new queen. However, this business is done with difficulty. The night before reaching the summit, the two set up camp at an altitude of 8,500 meters.

Altitude and extreme cold temperatures make both failed to close my eyes that night. With a tired condition, duet climbers still managed to reach the South Peak of Everest at 09.00 am. A few hours later, at 11.30 toward midday, the two stepped on the summit of Everest. Making them the first human oppressor location called the Roof of the World.

How many people have reached the everest summit

The news was then relayed via radio in Namche Bazar mail to be forwarded to London. Queen Elizabeth know this news the night before his coronation. At the end of the year, Hillary received the title of knight of Elizabeth who has officially become queen. While Norgay, because not a British citizen, received a medal of the British Empire.

The success of both triggers other climbers to do the same. In 1960, an expedition of China conquered the mountain from the Tibetan side. Followed by James Whittaker in 1963 as Americans first set foot on the summit of Everest.

Junko Tabei carved the subsequent success of the Japanese in 1975. Junko even set its own record for being the first woman in the Roof of the World. Three years ago, two daring climber Reinhold Messner (Italy) Peter Habeler (Austria) even did something almost impossible: to climb Everest without using oxygen.

What about the story of Indonesian climbers on the roof of the world? Efforts roads to the Everest region was first performed by Don Hasman and colleagues at Mapala UI in 1978. Both of them managed to reach the Everest base camp. Various other efforts continue to be made to reach the highest point Sagarmatha. In 1994, Achmad Gunawan, or often called Ogun, Wanadri trying to achieve by joining a team of international climbers. Unfortunately, efforts to climb to-do that had run aground. Ogun was returning to the country with failure.

Controversy also sticking when Clara Sumarwati announced its success as the first Indonesian woman (even mountaineers Southeast Asia) are able to achieve aluminum tripod Everest in 1996. But the unfortunate by various parties, women who've reached the summit of Aconcagua (6959 meters) in the Andes, USA South in 1993 it failed to show evidence (especially photos) when he was at the peak of Everest. Fellow ascent, gibang Basuki, was not able to do much to help Clara (ever tried to reach the summit of Everest in 1994 along PPGAD-Army Mountaineering Association).

Good news finally flows from Indonesia Expedition Everest Ascent 1997. It freed the civil-military Asmujiono of Indonesian Kopassus became the first person to reach the highest point of Everest. In fact, so excited, he opened his oxygen mask and googles out at the top (as a result, he had to endure to this day). History also notes, Asmujiono be the first in Southeast Asia were planted on the summit of Everest dated 27 April 1997.

Attempts to climb Everest by climbers civil Indonesia continues to do-after success Asmujiono it. Finally, in 2011, Indonesia entered the ranks of the elite climbers of Everest. Unmitigated, contributed four names on the list: Sofyan Arief Fesa (29), Frans Xavier (25), Broery Andrew Sihombing (23), and Janatan Ginting (23) of the organization Nature Lovers Mahitala Parahyangan University. They reached the summit just in the National Awakening Day, May 20, 2011. Their expedition to Everest is part of climbing the seven summits of the world (Seven Summiters).

However, Everest does not just make his way on everyone. In various experiments, the mountain has claimed 200 lives. One of the great tragedy occurred in 1996 when eight climbers from various countries died after a blizzard trapped.

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How many people have reached the everest summit
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