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how much to walk to lose weight chart

Do you know how much to walk to lose weight chart , now i will tell you how much to walk to lose weight chart , yes , all about how much to walk to lose weight chart ,
 Hiking is a great way to lose weight up to 10 kg for a variety of reasons, and know how to do it effectively will help you achieve the weight you expect in a short time. Hiking is a fun sport for most people, does not charge any joints, and one of the safest forms of exercise. Many people find that they can do a walking program well in the long term, which is very useful for weight maintenance. The key to losing weight by walking is appropriate to set goals and understand the basics of weight loss.

How long will it take to me to lose weight up to 10 kg?

At an average rate of weight loss ¼ - ½ kg per week, chances are you'll need at least 20 weeks to lose 10 kilograms. Lose weight at these speeds is safe and will help you keep the weight off in the long term. To achieve weight loss ¼ - ½ kg per week, try to burn 250-500 extra calories per day by foot. If you find that you do not burn a lot of calories by just walking, then reduce caloric intake through diet also.

how much to walk to lose weight chart

How often should I walk?

If you are a beginner, start by walking 3 times a week for at least 15-20 minutes each. Gradually increase the frequency and duration of your walk until 30-60 minutes per day, for almost every day of the week. For most people, not the passage of which they do not like, but became bored during the walk. Therefore, to help keep the foot remains fun, try alternating walking outside the house and inside the house, walking while watching television (using a treadmill) or listen to music using earphones. Make walking into your daily routine and make priorities.

How many calories can I burn by walking?

The number of calories per minute you can burn by walking is determined by the weight and the speed of your walk. If you are running at a speed of 6 km per hour (walking pace in general) you can burn the amount of calories per minute as follows: weigh 60 kg = 4.7 calories; weight 70 kg = 5.5 calories; weight 80 kg = 6.3 calories; weight 90 kg = 7.1 calories; weight 100 kg = 7.8 calories, and weight 110 kg = 8.6 calories. If you are planning to lose weight by 10 kg only by foot, try to burn at least 250 extra calories per day during your walk. For example, if you weigh 80 kg, you should walk at least 40 minutes per day at a speed of 6 km per hour to lose ¼ kg per week. If you are unsure about your speed, try walking on a treadmill to give a better idea.

How Can I Lose Weight and Stay toned?

Just a short walk will help you lose weight, but to add resistance training to your walking routine will help your body stay strong during the weight loss. Try a walk by increasing the load on the arm or wrist for a few days a week, or alternatively, walk with powered on medium speed. When you do not perform a routine walk, try lifting weights, pilates or other strength training to keep your body toned while you lose weight....

The road is a cheap way to start a healthy life. Most results you feel are sweating, which means that the result of the burning of calories.

Well, can lose weight by relying only on foot?

The answer can be! But you need to pay attention to the factors that influence it. The number of calories you will burn by walking the specified weight and the running speed, as quoted from page brilio.net Healthy and Natural World, Friday (7/8).

On average, if you walk at a pace of 4 miles (approximately 6.43 km) per hour (general rate), then the calories you burn about 400 calories per hour. However, you do not need to travel 4 miles. You can 'replace' the routine way with the shorter distance, then combined with sehar-day activities that involve a lot if body.

To lose weight the average person should take about 2,000 steps in average mileage. One mile (1.6 km) burns about 100 calories. This means, the pedometer will record how many miles you've traveled each day and how many calories you've burned.

1 mile = 2,000 steps = 100 calories burned
1 pound (0.45 kg) = 3500 calories
1 pound of weight loss per week = reduction of 500 calories per day
To lose 1 pound per week, you need to walk 10,000 steps every day.

Walking can help you intending weight loss diet, but did not have time to exercise to the gym. In addition, you are also advised to add a daily routine to burn kalorimu again. For example, take 10,000 steps every day to make you scared, just do the following activities:

- Walking to the workplace (if close), or walk to the dismissal of public transport to get to and from the office
- Even if bringing the current vehicle to the office, park farther so that makes you have to walk the extra mile
- Take the stairs, not the lift both in the office with a high rise building
- Morning walks or anywhere for still affordable, street Trek

Well, what if you get tired of walking in a hurry? Perform the following steps:
- Take a walk new paths
- Every now and then can come to the gym on a treadmill (replace the atmosphere)
- Invite your family, boyfriend, or friends walking together at a time, and so on

You do not just walk away. For maximum results, make sure when walking, body straight, chin raised, eyes focused forward. Standing and walking upright is not only impress you confidence, but also good for the muscles and bones.

To help you can monitor distance traveled and calories burned, you can use a pedometer. Pedometer is an electronic or electromechanical apparatus that counts every step a person by detecting movement of the hips of the person. Equipped with various features, this tool can facilitate your intentions to lose weight by walking. Its main feature is to calculate the number of steps you take during your workout or throughout the day that you are going through.

You shall try it yourself and see the benefits. You know your health!

okay, now !! what you know how much to walk to lose weight chart ?

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how much to walk to lose weight chart
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