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What does dzuma dzuma mean in polish

Plague (black death, moss, plague)/Dżuma (czarna śmierć, mór, zaraza morowa) - acute bacterial infectious disease of rodents and (less often) other small mammals as well as human (zoonosis). This disease is caused by an infection of G (-) or anaerobic Enterobacteriaceae named Yersinia pestis.

It was originally a Latin word plague, What does dzuma dzuma mean in polish , one of many common conditions "plague" or "mass suffering", "destruction". Only in the XV-XVI. They began to distinguish between the various types of diseases caused major epidemics of disease with serious consequences. Origin of the word is unclear, it may be closer to the Latin. perdo - "to degrade or destroy or compromised," Laat. perditus - "Lost, incurable, hopeless"
Doctors protective clothing during outbreaks (Germany, in the seventeenth century.)

What does dzuma dzuma mean in polish

There are differences in opinion as to whether one of the first descriptions of the epidemic, which is called by Thucydides. "Plague of Athens" in 430 BC. the outbreak was actually (there is a possibility that it was typhoid, dengue fever, measles and dengue virus). Since ancient times, through the Middle Ages to the modern era is described dozens of major epidemics (probably) outbreak, also called the "Black Death" (arising from peeling skin Necro wide, with a dark color).

The biggest of them swept away by European countries in the mid-sixth century, the so-called so. Justinian plague, and in the years 1348-1352, and after a few years in China. epidemic have fallen in some parts of the population to 80% of the population and causes demographic, cultural, social and political consequences far term. Outbreaks code has a distinctive protective clothing worn in the sixteenth century, eighteen. While doctors and B, the mask in the arc shape in which the cartridge pressing oil aromatic smell of rotting corpses. In addition to clothing and protected against the plague also has the antidote for yourself: the most valuable of which scabiosa, but also use the four thieves vinegar vinegar (wine, where for 12 days soaked mugwort bitter, streets, rosemary, sage and other spices containing essential oil with strong antibacterial properties) and "poor scabiosa" - garlic.

What does dzuma dzuma mean in polish. Agents identified the bacterium that causes the plague in 1894. The independently Habacboro Japanese bacteriologist Kitasato (1852-1931) and the French bacteriologist Alexander Arzyn (1863-1943) during the epidemic in Hong Kong, while the role of a rat infestation in the spread of bacteria found Japanese researcher Masaki Ogata ( 1864-1919) in 1897 in the early part of the century microbiology (including Christopher Duncan and Susan Scott) put forward the theory, which states that the outbreak was reported in Athens (fifth century BC), the plague of Justinian (sixth and seventh are), and the plague has not 1348-1672 repeated the nutrient medium (bubonic plague - Yersinia I STIs), but the viral infection. According to the thesis announced by these scientists, so it would dengue fever caused by the Ebola-like disease, Marburg, but the incubation period is about 32 days.

Analysis of DNA taken from teeth using folk material was buried in the tomb of the medieval Ashahym Bavaria, turned out to be the Justinian plague caused by other strains of the people that caused the Black Death B. XIV - XVII. Age and modern plague XIX - XX. Age [4].

Currently, there are outbreaks in some endemic areas in Asia (in the nineties of the twentieth century, an explosion was recorded in Vietnam, Zambia and India). What does dzuma dzuma mean in polish

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What does dzuma dzuma mean in polish
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