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What happens when you say 108 to siri

What happens when you say 108 to siri , do you know What happens when you say 108 to siri , what's 108 to siri ,  The first major revolution in the way that berinteraksi with applications and services we rely on every day to come when Apple released iPhone 4S Siri equipped. Personal Assistant even explains the smartphone, with its advanced multi-touch screen reviews that makes you feel as if you directly manipulate photos and more, has some room to get better. Apple innovation again when you add orders Siri.

With this feature enabled, saying "Hey Siri" replaces the long press of the home button. This makes it easier for you to choose the next song to play in your car. You can do other things too, all without having to berinteraksi directly with your iPhone. Seri can get sports results, settings changes and send messages, and you do not need to press once.

Set up O Hey Siri in iOS 10

Before we begin, there is something you should know.

Oh Siri there for some time. Apple did add feature with iOS 10, just high above it. You need iOS 10 to be loaded on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch before you see on your machine what is shown in this tutorial. That being said, cell phones, tablets, and others stuck on the iOS 9 O Seri still has the ability. It will only be in the General Settings area and not what is shown here.

What happens when you say 108 to siri

Open your iPhone the way you usually do. If you use your finger to TouchID, do it now. Enter your PIN if you are not using TouchID. If you do not use any kind of security on your iPhone at all, press the home button to open your device.

Welcome to the Home screen. Look for app settings on the Home screen. Keep in mind that if you have set-up application application settings can be buried in a folder. The application settings are in the lower right corner of our screen in this example.

Welcome to the Settings screen. Of course, lit up Siri is a feature that can be found in Siri settings. Scroll down slightly until you see the Siri code. Click Siri.

In order to use the Siri command in iOS 10, you must have a personal assistant activated in the first place. Press the key labeled Siri to activate my BIOS.

After that, we will ask for your iPhone if you are sure that you want to enable Personal Assistant because it depends on Apple servers and your personal information to make life easier for you. Take advantage of Siri enabled feel comfortable if you agree to these terms of Apple.

Look for the "Seri Ya" and flip flip right to turn it on.

Siri on iOS in 1011

IOS 10 allows you to keep Siri listening without having to keep your iPhone plugged in in your office or in your car. Apple also added screen creation to guide you through the process of obtaining and ordering audio. Press continue.

O Seri on iOS in 1012

Now your iPhone will have you say a few phrases so they can better understand your voice. Note that you may want to do this in a quiet place like the iPhone you need to take any noise in the background nearby.

Siri on iOS in 1015

Now that you are back in the Siri settings area, the face will arrive when the switch is closed. This will allow you to access most Siri features without having to open the phone for the first time.

O Seri on iOS in 1017

Using Hey Siri in iOS 10

Now you've got ya working Siri, and it's time to get the basics to use it. First of all, Siri is not a universal alternative to interacting with your iPhone. You will have to berinteraksi with the machine to accomplish something Siri is not just able to streamline yet.

That being said, one of the limitations Apple iOS 9 is a requirement that the modern iPhone connected to the power supply before Hey Siri can be used. By iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus iPhone 7S 6S Plus, you can use Siri O orders at any time. So if your smartphone is not connected do not worry, lit Siri did not appear to damage the iPhone battery life. At least, it was not in our experience. Make sure to keep an eye on your battery indicator first a few days you have the feature enabled.

Seri Hidden Tricks Tips - 3

Every time you say "Hey Siri", the iPhone you need to be prepared for orders. You can tell you to play a particular artist, album or song from your music collection by saying "play", song name, artist or album. "Siri, play 1 beat" is a great way to quickly intervene launch a new streaming radio station Apple. Of course, if you do not have a car with Stereo Stereo Bluetooth you will play music through the iPhone speakers.

You can also connect to a different connection

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What happens when you say 108 to siri
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