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Who did christina el moussa have an affair with

Now, I will share about who did christina el moussa have an affair with , do you know who did christina el moussa have an affair with? let's read. What is the relationship with Christina Moosa Gary Anderson while Tareq Mousa married star?

Fans stunned by a series of HGTV or flip-flop when he decided Tareq Mousa Al-Mousa and Christina split - especially after allegations of a relationship with Christina contractor Gary Anderson during their marriage.

Despite rumors, the representative of Christina completely deny any fraud itself. However, sources revealed earlier that he was arrested for her ex-boyfriend Tosh now be read with Tariq.

"Christina grows near Gary. Tariq doubted he was involved with someone, but do not have concrete evidence." "Christina saw Tariq phone and think there is some text messages do not match lasts between Christina and Gary."

Gary was also present during the former spouse referred to as "unfortunate misunderstanding" in May / May - when he claimed that Tariq left his home with a gun and is believed to be a suicide bomber.

"On this site, please contact the witness Prosecutor Sandoval, Gary Anderson, who said that he was working in the house next door when he saw Tariq Moosa walked out the back door, and jump over the back fence and walk north to then exit detective, Christina Moosa, to place live, and she was crying and shaking, and she tells him that Tariq take a gun and put it in the back and ran out, she'd called 911, "read the court obtained exclusively by touching the document.

In the last month, he claimed that "many external pressures" caused Christina and Gary relations in collapse - However, the contractor claimed that he knew about them in the magazine division.

Exclusive source for "The Touche": "He was a respected and blind." "I use it just to get Tariq. Then cut off all contact with him." Who did christina el moussa have an affair with

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Who did christina el moussa have an affair with
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