Jumat, 10 Maret 2017

Why dont we tax the sun

Do you know why dont we tax the sun ? now i will share about why dont we tax the sun , "Household solar-powered face higher fees for using the grid," read a headline in the Australian. "Australia is one million households from the roof of photovoltaic panels forced to use higher charges for poles and wires that distribute electricity," he went on.

The article was about a new Commission report on the Australian Energy Market (AeMCs) - one of the most important organizations in our energy system. AeMC is bowing to the large energy companies and claiming that solar homes are subsidized by other consumers.

why dont we tax the sun

That's right. They are recommending taxation sun.

The fact is that AeMC is wrong. The main driver of growth in prices under the Act is an investment in the network of poles and wires - not solar homes. But when it comes to war, large power companies on solar, it appears that the facts do not matter.

Why dont we tax the sun

AeMC will issue recommendations to our federal and state governments. But we know what can move these governments - voice of the people. Together, we can tell our governments to get as much solar energy - not to punish him.

Show that there will be tax from the sun by signing our petition.

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Why dont we tax the sun
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