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Why is pacman on google maps?

Now, I will share about why is pacman on google maps , do you know about why is pacman on google maps ? let's read You can play 'Ms. Pac-Man "on Google Maps

There is a reason for Google's rules when it comes to celebrate April Fool's Day.

For example: Go to Google Maps at this time, and you can play the game (or several) of Ms. Pac-Man, the classic paper game and follow the popular Pac-Man.

At the bottom left of the map in a browser, in addition to the Earth, you will see a picture of Lady Pac-Man that reads "insert coin". Then the map will be evaluated and redesigned to level the game. If the site you're on does not have enough streets to work, you can choose a random site or select a specific city.

Google's love of video games beyond April Fool's Day (April). For example, searching for "do a barrel roll" and the screen will perform a 360-degree, in honor of the classic Nintendo's Star Fox series. Type "Ozorg Peak" - Blizzard Starcraft knot the game - and you'll see a lot of O of the Google logo drop-down and began to eat in the search results.

Also, props to Google to choose the best game of Pac-Man. Seriously, Ms. Pac-Man is better than the original method. Why is pacman on google maps?

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Why is pacman on google maps?
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