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A person who abandons his religion party cause etc

Person who abandons his religion, Now, I will Share A person who abandons his religion party cause etc , do you know A person who abandons his religion party cause etc ? STORY little impact on Christmas. Just mention the name of my friend Daniel. He talked a lot about the times of "favors" when they are Christian. There is a side that I need to draw from the results of her story.

"I want to tell the story of the piece silamku. Previously, I had when I was a Christian, Christmas is a great time we (the youth, men) desire, "said Daniel began.

"Why?" I asked curiously in a talk with him in a college area Hajj Yusuf, Sudan, some time ago.

"Let's get a cup of tea," he suggested while she poured the hot tea into my cup.

"Thank God, I am now a Muslim after 7 years ago felt the 'pleasure'," he said again as he let me enjoy hot tea.

Intrigued I peaked, I feel like moving his mouth, to immediately complete the story that he started. A few gulps of hot tea she spent. He put on socks and shoes and continue the story.

'We were made the night before Christmas, the night of 25 December (as) a place to' farming 'highly fertile. That night we were in the church praying solemn, crying, after meals. And last most unexpectedly, the night turn off the lights. In the past I do not know, I think this world is the end of life. Until all of what I did was mediocre, including out of the church. I am proud of my beliefs. But somehow that night, the night seemed silly for my beliefs, "he said connecting story.

The church is located in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital. The church, said Daniel, was picked up by a big bus in the villages at night. In the church whenever they enjoy a meal and drink.

"After eating, the deacon invited to turn off the lights and pick one or two women to be a partner for dancing, drinking khamr until the 'halal' her commit adultery. We were like animals with one another. Until after the horrific events that I'm trying to think how we were dirty and disgusting. From this began to emerge curiosity towards other beliefs. I see people who worship in other places, his own men and women themselves. They purification and uniform. I see them pray and worship never blame each other. "

Origins Embrace Islam

Daniel, single men beard almost stepped age 28 this year, continue to talk excitedly. Arabic very easy to digest, he graduated Ma'had Hajj Yusuf half years ago mixed up between Arabic and English.

"Early converts to Islam I see (Jamaat) Tabligh. Then I tried to learn with them a little. There is an interesting story when I was new to Islam. One day I went to the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, where I pray. When the priest already in cycles 3, I've come, as a result I'm late 2 cycles. However, when the priest greeting and I, too, regards, whereas menuruskan Masbuk pilgrims pray, I just shut with innocence. "

"I've learned a lot about Islam, only know a little. One of the Masbuk asked me, 'Why do not you stand up as we stand?' I explained, 'If I stand up again my priest whom? Forgive me because I'm new to Islam. 'The man who asked it was memaklumiku and he asked me to learn procedures for prayer. Every day I come to the mosque to learn it up to 5 times. But in recent days he was out of sight and do not touch. But wisdom extraordinary journey to the capital. In addition I learned to seek maisyah, I know the term Masbuk in prayer. "

He advised Muslims make about Christmas. 4th child of six siblings say, many Muslims today do not understand about "Happy Christmas".

"The essence of 'Happy Christmas' is worship, because we (when Christians) believe God is 3, and Jesus is the son of God. We celebrated by eating the bread as a symbol of rescue meat and wine of the blood of Jesus Christ. Continued damage the body on the 26th (December) to feel the pain of this cross. For the sake of our Lord's tolerance for torture, "he said.

Daniel also delivered advice for Muslims who still celebrate Christmas. "Indeed celebrations such as Christmas feast contains the value of disbelief," he said.

"That strap on the nature of God to the Messiah, Isa son of Maryam, reincarnation, idolizing Jesus, think of it as a child of God, he died on the cross, and other beliefs. And these beliefs have made the wrath of Allah Ta'ala. Indeed participate in the celebration of the vanity, facilitate or secure, indicate a match and contentment to the celebration and recognition of the truth of their beliefs, "he said.

"Although the people who went along to celebrate the holidays with their Aqeedah to believe differently, but he was on the big danger as a result of ignorance in his gesture. Due to the good pleasure of the infidelity is infidelity as well, "added the man's native Kenya.

"Why do you (Muslims, Red) willing to say God they survived? It was the 25th of December it had nothing to do with Jesus because the Bible had lied, "he added.

So memorizers of the Qur'an

Daniel recounts, he converted to Islam after seeing the Tablighi Jamaat who preached with cold hands. Besides Christian uncle encouraged him a lot of reading and translation Sunnah shaped Sohiliah language. The language used in the country of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

"I went to Nairobi, capital of Kenya, to work. And the result I buy a book from my uncle's input results. After much reading the book, I was in boarding schools and boarding schools to Islam through it. Four years of Islam, but prayer once a week, namely Friday only. I even returned mujrim (actor ugliness, Red) again because of his hard work and struggle in the capital. However, thank God God save me from ignorance. New light comes, call emigrated to Sudan, "he said.

He continued by saying, "I have not completed high school, because I had been the backbone of the family. My father married again and my sister was spirited women studied. So I let him learn and I work for my family life. The important thing is my sister finished (learning). But all have been wonderful, I could move to Sudan and Islam. But I beg of you pray for (family) the other is still bersyahadat. Hopefully, when I come home can be a torch for their keislamaan. I was determined to memorize the Koran before even 30 years of my life. "

Daniel admitted, after converting to Islam in 2006. New 3 In recent years he can recite.

"Thank God, now have a rote about 5 chapters. Please prayer, "he concluded penu¬h spirit. "Tomorrow cook the chicken," he said again to me with Indonesian accent. * / As told by Imam Muhammad, the Indonesian Students in Sudan origin of Balikpapan, East Kalimantan.
A person who abandons his religion party cause etc
Rep: Muhammad Abdus Syakur

Editor: Syaiful Irwan

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A person who abandons his religion party cause etc
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