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how many players make the cut at the masters

The opening round by playing the Masters in 2017 the definition of difficult conditions precipitated a strong wind and fast greens.

As a result, the leaderboard is crowded somewhat after only two players - Charlie Hoffman in seven under William Maghert under three managed to break 70 on the first 18 holes at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia:

Recycling is that because of the difficult circumstances and the results of astrocytes Hoffman, a lot of big names floating around might be cutting line. As a reminder, the rules of the revised lines cut over 50 players and ties Master countries plus anyone within 10 shots of the lead will advance to the weekend.

Currently, this means that the players in the three on the same footing and the best one will be safe. However, the cutting line will almost certainly move with the progress of the second round.
how many players make the cut at the masters
Although it is not time to panic yet, as Will Gray noted in Golf Channel, an additional landslides on Friday along with modest gains by the leaders could make things interesting with a piece on the horizon.

For example, Jordan Spieth sit in three more tournaments. This puts him 10 shots behind Hoffman and with some serious ground to make.

If the struggle - highlighted by Espen statistics and information - continued Friday once great champion can not shoot in the low 70s or high 60S, he could land in a precarious position:

To join the three other Speth is Adam Scott.

2013 Masters champion played well the front nine and make a rotation in the end, but on the last four holes three-Bogis sent Scott fell leaderboard as he battled hard all day conditions.

"We're lucky we actually had a little rain last night, because if the greens remain as they were in '07, and I do not know how we have to play today," he said GolfChannel.com for Ryan in Avner. "It is a border line in any case, all spiraling around."

The story is the same for Hideki Matsuyama, who shot four times after entering the tournament with the sixth best chance to win in Los -1800, according Oodscark.

In the case of players who have shown that, and some prominent names.

First of all, there was Henrik Stenson. The fifth-ranked player in the world suffer from contradictions throughout the day, and fell all the way to five as a result of a six-Bogis compared with birds and one during the opening lap.

To join Stenson in the novice group is fragile Jim Furik, which is more than six of the dispute decisively forward.

And bad luck, aged 46 years, this remarkable event Thursday is a continuation of recent trends.

Although he finished fourth in the Masters twice (1998 and 2003), Furik found at Augusta National in 2015 with a piece missed by not giving it the appearance of a year ago.

In other words, weak fading title hopes.

With the second round on the road on Friday, Speth, Scott Matsuyama hoped to avoid the same fate as it tries to fight back and move into the red numbers at the start of the weekend.

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how many players make the cut at the masters
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