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how many tomahawk missiles does the us have

How many tomahawk missiles does the us have, Fired two missile destroyers from the United States 59 Tomahawk on surface missiles in a series of attacks in the Syrian airports thinks he kept pointing to the chemical weapons attack in the northern part of the country, according to network news // // USA first of several military officials late Thursday.

He said Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said the US destroyer Porter (-78 °) and the US Ross (-71 deg) launched an attack on the eastern Mediterranean at 20:40 ET today, or 04:40 on April 7 in the morning Syria. He told reporters in an e-mail statement. Davis said that the US military warned Russia of attacks before launching cruise missiles, according to the policies established by the disintegration of both US and Russian military forces, which sometimes work against the purpose of the opposition in the nearby area.

It focuses on the airport Alchirat Tomahawk attack, which is believed to be launched by a fixed wing chemical weapons attack on Tuesday in the town of Khan Shaikhoun plane. It is believed that the attacks by government forces killed dozens of al-Assad.

President Donald Trump said in a statement issued in advance to the press, "Tonight, I ordered a military offensive directed at the airport where he launched chemical attacks."
"It is very important for the national security interests of the United States, adding to prevent and deter the spread and use of chemical weapons kill. Also can be no dispute that Syria has used chemical weapons, is prohibited and in violation of its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention and ignore urged the UN Security Council. "

US Ross (-71 deg) launched Tomahawk land attack missiles 7 April 2017. US Navy

Davis said in a statement that "the attack using Tomahawk cruise missiles outbreak of the rocket (touching), which was launched from the destroyer USS Porter and the USS Ross in the eastern Mediterranean. Target a total of 59 aircraft to blame the plane, and the plane militant shelters, oil stocks and logistics, and cache of ammunition, air defense systems and radar, as usual, the United States has taken extraordinary steps to avoid civilian casualties and compliance with the law of armed conflict, and has taken every precaution to carry out the strike with minimal risk to the workers at the airport " .

The statement said that "the relative strike in response to the work of Assad's outrageous."
"It's Shirat service used to store chemical weapons Syrian air force. And judging the US intelligence community that the aircraft carried out attacks on chemical weapons Shirat April 4. The purpose of the system strikes a deterrent to the use of chemical weapons again."

US military officials told the news agency USS // // US news that Russian troops in the country received a "head" before firing rockets. The foreign minister said Rex Tillerson said in a statement that the United States did not seek approval from the Moscow strike.

Image courtesy of the Department of Defense.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-no), working in committees on Foreign Relations and Intelligence in the Senate, as we will examine Anderson Cooper this evening: "I do not think that's the message I think this is actually a tactical actions reinforce the goal, which is important .. My guess is, and I think you'll see a confirmation soon, Hayrat airport, where they launched this chemical with fixed-wing aircraft attack a few days ago, it will become a target, and this is the airport, which launched a chemical attack, because is a critical point in this part of the state where the fight against the rebels, but the rebels in Daesh, in northern Syria, as I said, it's a step nations and determines taken. it's not a message. This is the actual capabilities shameful of the Syrian regime to do more many chemical attacks against innocent civilians. This will reduce the ability to launch an attack from the air, da n I think it is an important step, and we hope to be part of a comprehensive strategy to move forward to end this chaos in Syria. "

Asked about the importance of the first attack of this in the larger context of the ongoing in the Syrian situation, RUBIO Cooper said: "Do not say that this is done it all, but I tell you that this is an area that launched chemical attacks, in which we will see future attacks, mainly targeting the innocent civilians in the areas where he feels the system is losing ground after a significant advantage. "

With regard to the Russian troops operating near the western Syria, Rubio told CNN: "I would imagine it is not a target, but once again, if the Russians are there on the ground helping Assad to commit heinous crimes, crimes role how many tomahawk missiles does the us have

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how many tomahawk missiles does the us have
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