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How much does a tomahawk missile cost

Now will share about how much does a tomahawk missile cost, do you know how much does a tomahawk missile cost ?, let's read here It cost about $ 60 million to replace the cruise missiles that the US military sprayed on Syrian targets store Thursday night.

All Tomahawk cruise missiles, made by Raytheon Company RTN, 1.47% may cost $ million, according to experts.

United States used 59 of them in the Syrian air base in response to an attack by the Syrian government on chemical weapons, which resulted in the killing of tens of civilians earlier this week.

Raytheon has a question about the transfer of the Air Force program unmanned US Navy and the cost of the hunger strike, which did not immediately return a request for comment.

Said Loren Thompson, a senior executive adviser, that the rocket used on Thursday the possibility that the US military costs about a million dollars, but the latest formula to replace the missile they can be more expensive, depending on the size of the system and other factors of the Institute Lexington non -profit.

He said Tom Karako, director of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, demand for tomahawk does not seem to decrease. Karako estimated replacement cost for each tomahawk nearly one million dollars.

Budget 2017 Navy has a missile in the future at a unit cost of $ 1.5 million, higher than in previous years, the proportion, but this may be because the Navy had not planned program ended, at least for now, to buy more tomahawk after this year, said Todd Harrison, who is also director of the Lexis.

It can launch Tomahawk cruise ship or submarine. Reports say he launched Tomahawk cruise missiles yesterday of two ships belonging to the US Navy in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Tomahawk is part of the US military warehouse three decades ago, it was first used during the 1991 Gulf War and use the latest iteration of the shell in October / October to hit targets in Yemen after attacks on ships the US Navy.

Tomahawk value derived from long-term accuracy, and the fact that they do not require the development of a pilot in hostile airspace, Thompson said Lexington Institute.

According to Raytheon sites, use cruise missiles to fight more than 2,000 times since it was introduced.

Tomahawk can fly about 1,000 miles at a speed below the speed of sound (about 550 mph), and the latest version, and tomahawk fourth block, can be programmed and re-route to a new target in real time and during the trip. Tomahawk is also a favorite of the British Army weapons.

Raytheon shares rose in early trade on Friday, but the profits are used by the continuation of the session. the stock has gained more than 7% this year, compared with gains of 5% for the S & P 500 rooms, -0.08%. How much does a tomahawk missile cost

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How much does a tomahawk missile cost
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