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Relating to or resembling a tree

Now I will share Abou Relating to or resembling a tree , do you know Relating to or resembling a tree, Thais tantrum with a video showing a tree with fruit that resembles a really strange female anatomy!

While many admire the unique shape of the fruit, but not a few who doubt the authenticity of the video footage.

In Buddhist mythology, the strange fruit tree called Nariphon. This tree produces fruit female body shape with their heads attached to the stems of trees.

This tree is said to grow in the forest myth called Himaphan. Based on the story, Nariphon created to trick the evil recluse who tried to disrupt the family Buddha.

Buddhist mythology tells of Lord Indra created a pavilion which is inhabited by a relative of the Buddha and his family in Himaphan. When my wife's relatives Buddha picking fruit in the forest, he was harassed by the evil recluse.

Seeing this, Lord Indra created 12 Nariphon trees that produce fruit that is shaped like the body of Buddha's wife's relatives.

The hermit who deceived then take the pieces and make love to her. As a result, they fall asleep for four months and lost his supernatural powers.

According to folklore society of Thailand, after the Buddha and his wife's relatives died, the trees continue to bear fruit Nariphon strange until now.

Currently, Nariphon tree can be found at Jarun Luang Pho, Wat Ampawan in Singburi Buddhist Temple near Bangkok.

Until now no one has to ascertain whether the fruit in the video resembles the shape of a woman's body is real or just a hoax mere image. According to you? Relating to or resembling a tree

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Relating to or resembling a tree
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