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This Is Topcashback founded, You Must Know!

This is when was topcashback founded, now i will share about When Was TopCashBack Founded, In May 2011, the office Topcashback London to handle public relations with the media is opened, and partnerships with other companies, including network affiliates. [Citation needed] Inserted Topcashback at No. 5 in the 2011 Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100.

It launched its US website in November 2011. [5]

Topcashbacklaunch toolbar [6] Add the Internet for popular browser in October 2010. [7] The toolbar is designed to sit in the browser window and keep track of the money Gnira recovery, and avoid the need to move from the main site. The toolbar also designed to inform the user if the merchant who visited offer cashback rewards, highlighting also the merchants who offer cashback on search engine results pages. The bar offers most of the major features of the tool's website, by logging into your personal account, and store information, social and related keys.

'Snape & Sword' [8] was launched in February 2013, [9] which allows members to download a picture of the receipt of several supermarkets and get cashback on items that are displayed on the site. It has been integrated with the planned site for mobile applications. [10]
support charity. when was topcashback founded

Members can donate some of the money to restore the charity named. The highest charity campaign to collect donations for cancer research in the United Kingdom Fund. Until November 2 2012-28 February 2013 Topcashback donate £ 1 to Cancer Research UK for every new fans to join their Facebook page labeled, [11] to raise a total of £ 13 363. charity nominated by the public Topcashback as the most favored project of corporate social responsibility, and therefore the focus of the charity for 2013.

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This Is Topcashback founded, You Must Know!
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