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What does coptic christian mean

Now I will share about what does coptic christian mean , do you know what does coptic christian mean ? let's read Greetings to all. I have a friend Copts. He considers himself of the Middle East. I also had a friend African American, ancient Egypt is part of Africa, and the idea that a stranger has designed the pyramid to be racist against blacks. Are all these people really in Egypt? Is Africa or the Middle East?

Dear Severus,

Coptic word is a copy of the Greek word Egypt. Copts are Egyptians who remained faithful to the word of God as delivered by saw God, St Mark's to the people of Egypt.

Americans out of African descent from the horrors of injustice inflicted on their ancestors, themselves from their history, dubbed "Black History", which tries to interpret the whole of Africa as "black", thus trying to integrate the Egyptians that even if the Tuareg and Semites more. While this brings them some comfort, it is not an idea which other historians would accept, or, in fact, that it can support from history.

Egypt has the oldest continuous civilization known to man outside of China. At that time they brought the blessings of civilization to others, and what brought them included the Greeks, Romans and Arabs, while he always remained.

Kristen Koptik remain despite the great suffering, and remains, to this day, the faithful witness to the word of God. In Christ there is no Jew or non-Jew - every one of them. But because of the ark of the Coptic Christian Church became a Muslim at sea, it is natural that the Copts should look at the history of their faith and martyrdom with quiet pride; not in itself, but the commitment to the word of God even to the gates of the abyss.

Your friends who believe that the pyramid with regard to racism and foreign is, I fear, read some books or websites that will replace the best of the Scriptures. But we do not judge, only to seek to guide those who seek the word of God. What does coptic christian mean

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What does coptic christian mean
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