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What happened in syria

Now zarkasi.com will share about what happened in syriado you know what happened in syria ? At least 58 people were killed including 11 of them children as a result of the chemical attack in Idlib province of Syria. The rebel attacks in the region allegedly committed by the Syrian government. But the Syrian military denied the soldiers using the weapons.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the attack was believed to have been carried from the Syrian army jets. Many residents do not even slightly choked the foaming at the mouth. All children under the age of eight years.

Observatory is a war monitoring group based in the UK.
"This morning, 06.30, warplanes attacked the city of Khan Sheikhoun with sarin gas and chlorine are believed," said Chief Health Authority Idlib, Mounzer Khalil told Reuters, Tuesday (3/4).

In addition to killing 58 people, about 300 people were injured. "Most hospitals in the province of Idlib now filled with people who are injured," Khalil said in a press conference in Idlib.
Warplanes then struck near a medical point where attack victims treated.

This event marks the deadly chemical attack in Syria with gas sarinpada August 2013. Hundreds of civilians in Ghouta near the capital were killed in the attack.
Western countries say the Syrian government responsible for the attacks of 2013. But Damascus blames rebels. What happened in syria

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What happened in syria
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