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What Is Cool ?

 Now zarkasi.com will share about What Is Cool  , do you know what is cool ? Cold is the aesthetic attitude and behavior, Komburtmant, appearance and style are generally admired. Because cold connotation diverse and changing, as well as the nature of the self, the word has no meaning. Having control and self-control association (see definition of evaluation) office is often used as an expression of admiration or approval. Although usually considered slang, used widely among these different social groups, and the bear used for generations.

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There is no one concept of cool. One of the basic characteristics of cool is the ability to shift - what is considered cool change over time and vary between cultures and generations. [1]

But one aspect that is consistent is that the cold is broadly positive and desirable. [2] [3]

Despite the lack of a cold one concept, the definition lies in several categories.
As the behavior of the property

Total Oblumb conscious cool and content in general behavior, which involves a set of specific behavioral characteristics based strong in Sembolaugi, a group of physical movement can be distinguished, posture, facial expressions and voice modulation that have been obtained and taken to the strategy of social value in the context of a colleague. [4]

Coll ever position strengthens by rebels and vulnerable, like slaves, prisoners, drivers and political dissidents, etc., which calls for punishment open rebellion, so he hid the challenge behind the wall ironic detachment, away from the power source rather than deal with them directly ([5] ).

In general, the cold is a positive feature is based on the conclusion that the cultural objects (eg, a person or brand) is an independent in an appropriate manner. This is the person or brand is not limited by the standard, and is predicted to trust others. [6]
As the state's existence

Cole has been used to describe the general state of well-being, which is tolerant to the internal state of peace and tranquility. [7] It can also refer to the conflict, a state of harmony and balance as in "cool earth," or as in "the heart [spiritual] cool." This meaning, according to Thompson, they are of African descent. Cole was involved in this case both social control and balance tolerant. [7]

It can also be used to describe the cold seduction and excitement without someone - especially in times of stress - as shown in the language to remain calm.

a relevant way, the word can be used to express agreement or consent, as in the phrase "I'm cool with it."
Aesthetic appeal

Cole is also the position adopted widely by artists and intellectuals, who helped to do so infiltrating popular culture. It has become cool by companies marketing products, which are developed by teenagers idealistic, a shield against the persecution of ethnic or political persecution and constant source of cultural innovation, global phenomenon that has spread in every corner of the earth. [8] The concept is pretty cool there for centuries in many cultures. [1]

In fashion terms, it has changed the concept of "cool" from the 1960s to the 1990s to become integrated into the fabric of the dominant culture. American mass-production of "ready-made" fashion in the 1940s and 50s, has established specific markers of traditional clothing for their social roles remain in the community. Sub-cultures such as hippies, I felt pressured by the dominant conservative ideology of the 1940s and 50s towards matching and revolting. By definition you have Pontine of "cool", and can be regarded as a hippy dress fashionable as "cool" because of irregularities that protrude away from the standardization of production Bas wholesale dresses, created by fashion totalitarian system seen as "cool" it. [9] They have different styles of different displays bold colors like "Hebe Trippi" and "Hebe imagination" and "reactionary hippies" and "ethnic hippy" and "hippie craft." [10] In addition, according to the theory of tension, their hands hippy clothing production makes them "cool." Through natural handmade clothes they rebelled against consumers in a negative way because it allows them to not only engage in lifestyle, making it "cool." As a result of the release of the limited scope of self-criticism for Guenallm plating negative ideas of value, which increases opportunities for themselves. [11]  What Is Cool ?

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What Is Cool ?
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