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will there be a season 2 of thirteen reasons why

Now I will share will there be a season 2 of thirteen reasons why, do you know will there be a season 2 of thirteen reasons why? let's read Netflix has recently introduced the 13 reasons why, after Altjtah intestinal pain from my point out the best-selling novel of the same name, my adaptation. He said that from the perspective of Hannah Baker (Catherine Langford), a teenager in high school who killed himself and left a set of pre-recorded tapes and sectarian details why. Cut out the story between influential events listed that led to his death and the effects of the unfolding at this moment, which is centered on her husband oblique oblique break Clay Jenkins (Dylan Myint).

Despite a week after launch, but the show has gained wide fame scale, especially for explicit and strong perceptions of issues such as bullying, sexual abuse and suicide. In the end, it ends the story of Hannah, but the team behind good TV iteration to formulate a compelling narrative in support of his characters, prompting speculation that more episodes can occur on the line.

In an interview with, or, when it was among the people who want to see season 2. He also said the director said:

    "I like the continuation of all the characters. I also want to know. What happened to Clay? How do people react to what he was doing Alex in the end? What will happen to Mr. Porter? I'm thinking about a sequel at some point. I think about it, but I decided that I will not write it, so I would love to see it. "

NetFlix 13 Reasons Why Clay Jensen Hannah Baker 13 reasons why the author wants to season 2

The author goes into that he could not confirm or deny whether the second season is already in the business, but he points out that the last episode is not structured in a more episodes.

    "It is not left open in the hope of a sequel ... there is no end to the character behind. Every action will have an impact in ways that can not be expected. I realize that by not only what I am doing Hannah, but also how you treat Tyler others along it. it is a message full of books, of course, clear that there are ways for a second season if they did. "

Although the 13 reasons why it was the first season largely self-sufficient, and there are many points to take the plot should come back for another season. Therefore, while the title may not apply, there are more than enough stories to work with, certainly there seems to be more of a demand for it. Nadflix rarely stingy with green lighting the original series, so that the second season is possible, but it may be some time before any official word. will there be a season 2 of thirteen reasons why

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will there be a season 2 of thirteen reasons why
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