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Dzuma Dzuma Baby Story Meaning Full

Dzuma Dzuma Baby Story Meaning Full Outbreaks of infectious disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis. Depending on the infection of the lungs, or sanitary conditions, the outbreak may spread in the air, with direct contact, or very rarely for poorly cooked contaminated food. Symptoms depend on the area of ​​concentrated outbreak of infection in each person: bubonic plague in the lymph nodes, septicemia in the blood vessels, an outbreak of pneumonia in the lungs. It can be treated if detected early. Plague is still relatively common in some remote areas of the world.

Until June 2007, it is one of three outbreaks of epidemic diseases that are reported specifically to the World Health Organization (cholera and yellow fever the other two). [1] This bacteria bacterium bacteria called Swiss-Swiss Alexander Yersin.

Historically, what is considered a major pandemic outbreak swept Eurasia with a very high mortality rate and cause a major cultural change. This is the largest of 541-542 Justinian plague, Black Death 1340an years, continued in the second pandemic outbreak that occurred in the interval, and the third plague pandemic began in 1855 and was considered inactive since 1959.

The use of the term epidemiological outbreak is currently applied to severe ice inflammation caused by infection with Y. pestis. Historically, the term has been applied to the outbreak of pandemic medical infections in general. Outbreaks are often synonymous with bubonic plague, but this only illustrates one of its manifestations. Other names have been used to describe this disease, such as the Black Plague and Black Death; The latter is now mainly used by scientists to describe a pandemic disease the second most serious and devastating. The etymology of the word sprout is believed to derive from the Latin word plague ("blows, cuts") and plangere ("attack or attack"), cf. German Plage ("infestation"). Dzuma Dzuma Baby Story Meaning Full

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Dzuma Dzuma Baby Story Meaning Full
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