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Which president was arrested while in office, for running over a woman with a horse?

Franklin pierce turned into born on november 23, 1804, in a log cabin in hillsborough, new hampshire. He was a 6th-technology descendant of thomas pierce, who had moved to the massachusetts bay colony from norwich, norfolk, england, in approximately 1634. Pierce's father benjamin, a innovative warfare lieutenant, moved from chelmsford, massachusetts to hillsborough after the warfare, shopping 50 acres (20 ha) of land. Pierce turned into the 5th of eight youngsters born to benjamin and his second spouse, anna kendrick (his first spouse elizabeth andrews died in childbirth, leaving a daughter). Benjamin became with the aid of then a prominent democratic-republican[note 2] kingdom legislator, farmer, and tavern-keeper. During pierce's early life his father was deeply involved in nation politics, even as two of his older brothers fought within the conflict of 1812; public affairs and the army have been accordingly a first-rate have an impact on in his adolescence.[5]

Pierce's father, who sought to make sure that his sons had been knowledgeable, placed pierce in a faculty at hillsborough middle in childhood and sent him to the town school at hancock at the age of 12.[6] the boy was no longer keen on training. Developing homesick at hancock, he walked 12 miles (19 km) back to his home one sunday. His father fed him dinner and drove him a part of the gap returned to highschool earlier than kicking him out of the carriage and ordering him to stroll the relaxation of the way in a thunderstorm. Pierce later noted this moment as "the turning-factor in my life".[7] later that 12 months he transferred to phillips exeter academy to prepare for university. Through this time he had constructed a recognition as a captivating pupil, on occasion at risk of misbehavior.[7]

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Which president was arrested while in office, for running over a woman with a horse?
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