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Which sea is the only one that has no land boundary?

The Sargasso Sea is a area of the North Atlantic Ocean bounded through four currents, that together shape a circulating ocean movement referred to as a gyre.[1] it's far the only such oceanic region on earth to which the time period sea has been prolonged, all others being certain absolutely or often by way of land.[2][3][4] A different frame of water regularly observed with its feature brown Sargassum seaweed and frequently calm blue water, it is very special from the rest of the Atlantic Ocean.[1]

the ocean is bounded on the west through the Gulf movement, at the north by way of the North Atlantic modern, at the east by way of the Canary cutting-edge, and on the south through the North Atlantic Equatorial present day, a clockwise-circulating device of ocean currents termed the North Atlantic Gyre. it is expansive, stretching from kind of 70 tiers west to 40 degrees west, and from 20 levels north to 35 levels north, giving it approximate dimensions of one,a hundred km wide with the aid of three,200 km lengthy (700 statute miles huge through 2,000 statute miles long).[5][6] Bermuda is close to the western fringes of the sea.[7]

all of the currents deposit the marine plants and refuse they bring about into this sea, but the ocean water within the Sargasso Sea is exceptional for its deep blue color and top notch clarity, with underwater visibility of as much as 61 m (two hundred toes).[8] it's also a body of water that has captured the public creativeness, and so is visible in a extensive kind of literary and creative works and in popular way of life.

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Which sea is the only one that has no land boundary?
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