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[ Ans ] Which of these men was executed by the british for being an american spy during the american revolution?

previous to the revolution, many free African people supported the anti-British motive, most famously Crispus Attucks, believed to be the first character killed on the Boston massacre. at the time of the yankee Revolution, some blacks had already enlisted as Minutemen. both loose and enslaved Africans had served in private militias, specifically within the North, shielding their villages in the direction of attacks by means of local individuals. In March 1775, the Continental Congress assigned gadgets of the Massachusetts military as Minutemen. They had been underneath orders to emerge as activated if the British troops in Boston took the offensive. Peter Salem, who have been freed thru his owner to sign up for the Framingham defense force, became one of the blacks in the army. He served for seven years. in the innovative struggle, slave proprietors often allow their slaves enlist within the battle with guarantees of freedom, but many had been positioned once more into slavery after the realization of the war.[5]

In April 1775, at Lexington and concord, blacks responded to the decision and fought with Patriot forces. Prince Estabrook changed into wounded a while in some unspecified time in the future of the preventing on 19 April, likely at Lexington.[6] The battle of Bunker Hill also had African-American infantrymen fighting along with white Patriots, such as Peter Salem; Salem poor, Barzillai Lew, Blaney Grusha,[citation needed] Titus Coburn, Alexander Ames, Cato Howe, and Seymour Burr. Many African humans, each enslaved and unfastened, desired to join with the Patriots. They believed that they could acquire freedom or expand their civil rights.[7] further to the placement of soldier, blacks also served as guides, messengers, and spies.

American states needed to meet quotas of troops for the today's Continental military, and New England regiments recruited black slaves through promising freedom to those who served in the Continental army. throughout the path of the war, approximately one-5th of the northern army modified into black.[8] on the Siege of Yorktown in 1781, Baron Closen, a German officer in the French Royal Deux-Ponts Regiment, predicted the yankee army to be approximately one-region black.[9]

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[ Ans ] Which of these men was executed by the british for being an american spy during the american revolution?
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